7 Replies to “Beautiful Beechwood Lodge”

  1. Lloyd witter

    I ‘m trying to plan a little vacation on August 24 I have been to beach woods lodge before 18 years ago not sure if’s this the same place lodge i stay at beach wood one bedroom balcony and lake please send pictures thank you very much looking forward to hearing back

    • Beechwood Post author

      We have no lake, and no rooms with balconies. Perhaps you are thinking about some other location.

  2. Robert Silvis

    I’m trying to plan a short vacation for myself between Dec.29 and Jan. 2. I came upon your web site and this looks very relaxing for me, This would be a first time experience, and I’m not exactly sure how to proceed. Your web page seems so out of the way, so serene, a summer vacation looks promising also.
    I’m looking forward to talking with you, and sometime soon will phone.
    Thank You


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