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  1. Kevin

    I am nearing retirement and my wife and I are looking for some new adventures to occupy all our newfound free time. A nudist resort would certainly qualify as a new adventure for us.

    • Beechwood Post author

      There is no cost for yoga, except the regular day visit ground fee if you are not a member.

  2. Pete M

    My girlfriend and I just returned from Beechwood, we were first timers nudists. We were there May 19th thru May 21st 2021. We loved each and every second, waking up and stepping out of the tent naked without a care in the world, walking around the grassy hills naked is the freedom we have been looking for, laying out under the millions of stars that blanketed the sky, free of clothing, free from stress, gave us the zen our lives needed. We are definitely going back as often as we can. Yes at first we both were a little nervous, we slowly took off our clothes but once they were off, we didn’t want to put them back on. I highly recommend trying this at least once, you won’t be disappointed. We aren’t in the best shape, but at beechwood lodge that doesn’t matter, nobody is going to judge you, the people that we met, were the nicest people who we ran into over a year. Looking forward to getting back to nature, and hopefully meeting more people. Thank you Beechwood lodge for making us feel alive and welcome.

  3. Sam

    Hello, I would like to be updated on opening for visitors at the camp ground. I have had the vaccine so I am safe from COVID.please keep me informed on this years opening

  4. mr.stubbs

    I did stay at your resort once and really enjoyed myself. Would recommend to friends can’t wait to return thanks.


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