Paint a Mandala

Date(s) - 09/26/2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Beechwood Nudist Camp





The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word for circle and even if you’ve  never heard the word before, surely you have seen a mandala on a tapestry, stained  glass, even the moon and sun are mandalas. Historically and religiously they have  been used for thousands of years. Even today it is a practice of Tibetan Buddhist  Monks (only after 4 years of training) to work together to create elaborate mandalas  with sand only to sweep the sand together after completed into a body of water as a  symbol of impermanence and to spread the blessings of the mandala.  

Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst, defined the mandala as “a representation of the  unconscious self” and he used these in self-therapy to identify patterns by creating  one everyday. Other beliefs are that mandala drawing can be an effective tool for  meditation, centering, self-discovery, and healing. I find this to be true of art in  general and mandalas are an easy way to get started creating your own unique works  of art.  

Some general recommendations for creating your own personal mandala:  

Relax and get comfortable. Think positive thoughts and take a few deep breaths. 

Set an intention for you mandala and write it down. 

Start by finding the center of your canvas. 

Sketch your design working from the inside out and keeping things symmetrical. Remember to breathe. 

Once you have a sketched outline, erase any unwanted lines. 

Choose a color scheme (about 4 colors) without thinking too much or judging your choice. 

Start painting (again working from inside out) 

After all areas are painted add another level of detail if desired.


The cost will be donation based, suggested $10 to cover materials.



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