16 Replies to “Events - 3 Oct 20”

  1. william perry

    Just want to say thanks for a good summer. After what 2020 offered for March and April, my hopes for the summer were not very high. Yet somehow Beechwood delivered one of the best summers in recent memory.

    • Beechwood Post author

      We will be finalizing our annual calendar soon, so keep checking, or subscribe to our calendar feed. Traditionally, we will have an event the weekend before, or after, or sometimes both!

  2. Bill Perry

    Sundays we have a group watching NFL games in the Cow Palace, mostly Eagle’s Fans. I am looking forward to the Bingo and anything else that gets us together in the winter months. All my good friends at Beechwood are like a second family to me. Gotta love it!

  3. Gustave Mindragon

    I’m a 57 yrs old single medical professional, I’ve never been to a nudis camp, your facility seems impeccable. I would love the experience of it. Would you mind sending information and rates
    Many thanks

  4. Tom Brown

    A question on the chill cook off will this be indoors as to the weather and is it also a clothing option event also . I have just started to use the campground and have had a very good experience and wish for more times up state Thanks Tom


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